How to Deal with a Tough Day

Ok, so I want to share with you my top tip for dealing with tough days or moments.  

This is something that I wish everyone could learn to do. It is my go to technique to deal with ANY tough situation or moment and, after teaching this to many people, I have seen them benefit from this too.  

So my top tip is this…. 

Come into the present moment.


Sounds super simple right??? So what’s the big deal about it. 

When we come into the present moment, we are living consciously and we are in touch with our full power and intuition​​.

We can feel how life (The Universe/God) wants us to deal with the situation.

But when we are not in the present moment, our ego takes over to deal with whatever is happening, whether it be an argument, having to make a tough decision, dealing with stress or anxiety etc. 

It can feel so real when the ego takes over that it will try to win at all costs, even to our own detriment. 

When we come into alignment with the energy of The Universe through the present moment we can deal with situations in the most effective and efficient way because we are all connected to the energy of the Universe and it will guide us to a resolution aligned with the highest good of all. 

And sometimes just coming into the present moment is all we need to do anyway, because we realise that when we let go of the ego, the situation just melts away.​


So how do we learn to come into the present moment? 

The key is to spend as much time as we can in the present moment throughout the day and like any other skill, the more we practise, the more we get better at it. 

But we need to do it in the easier times so that our brains get used to that feeling and we can call on it in the tougher times.

There are two main ways I love to teach people to come into the present moment.


1. Practise Meditation

By having a regular meditation practise, either by using a guided meditation or doing your own thing, it keeps you closer to the consciousness of the present moment.

Then, when you need to call on that skill, you have less distance to travel to get to a state of presence when you need it the most, and you are travelling a well worn path because you have done it many times before.

2. Have Mindfulness Triggers in Your Day


Have some triggers in your day that remind you to come into the present moment and become mindful.

You can do it right now…. seriously, just stop for 10 seconds, keep your eyes open but become aware of your immediate environment. Breath into your belly, become aware of your body, your emotions (don’t judge or try to change them). Become aware of any sounds around, any tastes, anything you see (look it everything as though this is the first time you are seeing it). Become aware of any sensations against your skin.

Now you are here, in the present moment.

Carry on with this feeling for as long as you can throughout all the actions and conversations of your day.


Then I recommend creating triggers in your day that remind you to come back to the present moment in case you slip back into an unconscious state of mind again.

Make them simple, even mundane! Every time you brush your teeth, have a shower, stop at a traffic light, before every meal, let these moments be reminders to be present and mindful.

You can put sticky notes around to remind you, alarms on your phone or a wallpaper on your computer.

Every moment is an opportunity to become more conscious.

If you can do this several times a day, eventually it becomes something that you do without even thinking.

Or better still we never leave the present moment (and to be honest that is still something I am still working on!). 


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Do you have any techniques you use for coming into the present moment and being mindful. I would love to hear about them in the comments below, or follow the conversation on Instagram.



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