How To Be Consistent with Your Meditation

Have you ever woken up early with every intention to get up and meditate, only to find yourself hitting the snooze button and running out of time.

Or getting into a daily meditation routine on retreat only to find that it all falls apart as soon as you get back home to ‘normal’ life.

Or maybe you felt so peaceful after finishing a meditation but you got into an argument with someone less than 30 minutes later and couldn’t figure out how you got there so quickly.

Sometimes it can be hard to follow up on your good intentions but just like joining a gym, it takes practice, commitment and being consistent in order to progress and build up to bigger things.

And I know it sounds totally cheesy but…it is absolutely the journey that makes it amazing, not just the destination.

So here are a couple of things that will make it easier for you to be more consistent with your meditation practice.

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1. Don’t expect perfection

When you start a spiritual practice, it is nice to work towards a grander version of yourself, but it isn’t about trying to be the image of a perfect deity, it is about just being you, being true to you and growing in that!

There are going to be times when you feel so high vibe with peace and wisdom that it feels like nothing could ever interrupt it.

But there might be times when you feel like you are sinking back into old patterns of behaviour/thinking which can be frustrating.

I know I used to beat myself up about this a lot.

But there are two things to realise. Firstly, these challenging times can be welcomed with love because they are what will make us grow.

And secondly it is not about being perfect but rather how quickly you can come back into alignment with a higher vibration again.

Previously when something happened to throw me off my path, it could take weeks (or months!) to get myself back to a place where I felt aligned with my higher self again.

Now it can take as little as a few hours, minutes or even just a few seconds because the more conscious I can stay, the quicker I can consciously recognise when I am out of alignment and do something about it.

So even though there are times when things go a little wonky, don’t waste time beating yourself up. Forgive yourself, accept it as part of your journey and do what you need to get back on the high vibe train.


It doesn’t have to take a lot of time either. Even taking a minute to take 10 deep conscious belly breaths will change your state.

And the good thing is that when you go back to whatever your day brings, you will do it with a whole new energy that will often make things easier. Win win!



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2. Create space in your life

Having space in your day where you can just feel into what it is you need is a great way to keep connected with the present moment.

Often people leave downtime for when all the jobs are done (which is never BTW).

When we are distracted by doing all the things, our mind wanders into the past or present and will usually take us to a place of fear and stress.

But having space gives you the opportunity and time to just feel into what it is you need at that moment, to take care of yourself and come back to the present moment which is where our true power lies.

Then you are more connected and calm, so when you do sit down to meditate it is easier than it would be if you came straight from a busy or stressful situation.

It is also a physical effect too. Having down time can help reduce production of stress hormones that physically make it harder for us to reach a peaceful meditative state.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time either. Even taking a minute to take 10 deep conscious belly breaths will change your state.

And the good thing is that when you go back to whatever your day brings, you will do it with a whole new energy that will often make things easier. Win win!


3. Create a special place for your meditation

Having a dedicated space in your house where you always meditate can help you get ‘in the zone’.

It not only builds up a good energy in that one spot, but you’re more likely to sit your tush down there if it is all ready to go.

It doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. I have a low cabinet which I put a statue, candles, beads and crystals on. When I want to meditate I put my meditation cushion in front of it and I am good to go.!


4. Get a routine

The more regular you are with meditation, the easier it is to stay in the flow and keep it up. If you are running short of time, even a small 5-10 minute meditation is better than nothing.

And try to be regular with the time of day and your body will get used to it and tell you it is time.

Experiment with different times of the day and when you find what works for you, try to stick to it.


5. Have meditation, will travel

Don’t forget, your ability to meditate goes everywhere you go.

And although a meditation cushion etc. might be nice, I have meditated in hotels, on trains and planes, in the park on a lunch break, in the shower, or even while pretending to stare at a computer screen at work!

So even if you are travelling or snooze through an alarm and sleep in, it doesn’t mean that your meditation practice has to suffer, you just have to be a little creative.

This is what has helped me and so many others I have taught to stay consistent with their meditation practice. So whether you have been doing this for a while or you are just beginning with meditation, give it a go!

Let me know what helps you stay consistent with your meditation practice in the comments below or follow the conversation on Instagram.



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