Forgiveness (how to move on)

Have you ever found yourself going over and over something in your mind weeks, months, even years after it happened? A situation in which you felt wronged and can’t move on from?


No matter how far in the past it is, if we are thinking about it and still feeling all the feels, it means we are still putting so much energy into that situation, and all it leaves us with is fear, anger, resentment and worry.


We still secreting stress hormones when we are dwelling on that situation, and even worse, we are not truly being present with our current life and the people in it.


There is only one way to truly break free of a situation and leave it behind us. That is through the power of forgiveness.


Forgiveness isn’t about saying it doesn’t matter.

 Forgiveness isn’t about saying that you allow this to happen again.

Forgiveness is about saying ‘I am not going to carry this anymore. I love myself enough to allow myself to be free of this’.

Forgiveness is choosing not to judge anymore, even if you don’t understand.


It allows people (including us) to be human and make mistakes, because it is through releasing the mistakes of both ourselves and others, that we find a deeper meaning and grow from the situation.


Forgiveness also allows us to open up to a greater level of love in our lives because the act of moving on shows the Universe that we are ready for new things.


When we are focusing on something, it makes no difference whether we are saying we do or don’t want something. If that is where our focus is, that is what we are asking life to give us more of.


Whether we are pushing something away or trying to draw it to us, if we are focusing on it, it is amplifying that energy in our lives, and saying “I want more of that”.


Forgiveness is about cutting off from that path, about letting go and choosing something different. The only thing that benefits from holding on to something you feel has wronged you is the ego.


The ego gets a boost every time we think or talk about someone doing us wrong. The ego is just out to ‘win’, but the win of the ego is usually not what truly benefits us.


If we are to choose love instead, we are choosing our highest selves over our ego. We are choosing love over fear. We are choosing a more peaceful future instead of conflict. And let me tell you something, that is simply what you deserve.


Forgiveness allows us to truly move on rather than running away. That never works anyway because if we run away rather than truly deal with what has happened, it will come up again and again until we do.


Imagine a future full of the love that you desire. Meditate on it, see it happening, imagine it, and most importantly… feel it, because that is how we bring something into our lives, by feeling it.


Use can also use this beautiful mantra. It is one that I use all the time.

“I am open and ready to receive love and peace.”

Feeling wronged is only a signal to our deeper selves that we crave something more, so be open to letting go and reaching for your something more.

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